Kids Dentistry

A brief about Kids Dentistry:

First tooth erupts around the age of 6 months and the eruption pattern continues till about 3 years. There are 20 milk teeth in all. The first permanent tooth to appear is usually one of the 4 first permanent molars and are important as they help to shape the lower part of the child’s face and play a primary role in chewing.

A Word of Caution: The permanent molars erupting at 6 years are often mistaken as milk teeth and neglected.


should we care ?

pic11Oral care should begin soon after the baby’s birth. Gums should be wiped clean after every feed with clean damp cloth or gauze pad.


eat sweets ?

Yes, your child can eat sweets, but it is important to restrict the sweet intake to mealtimes. The main cause of tooth decay is related to how often sugar is consumed in the diet. The more often your child has foods or drink containing sugar, the more likely they are to develop decay.


root canal needed?

Yes.very often milk and permanent teeth in children may require root canal therapy,though the procedure varies slightly in milk teeth.

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