Root Canal

A brief about Root Canal:

Root Canal

Years ago, a badly infected, painful tooth, or one that had significant decay, was doomed to be extracted. Today, a majority of these teeth can be salvaged by a special dental procedure called Root Canal Therapy.


indications ?

A Root Canal Treatment is needed when a tooth’s nerve and associated blood vessels are irreversibly damaged. For example:

  1. Tooth damaged by trauma.
  2. A fractured tooth.
  3. Deep cavity that has infected the nerve.

The end result is the same – an infection that leads to an abscess at the base of the tooth.

Your Dentist can Help :

Your Dentist can assess the extent of damage by a comprehensive dental examination. Your Dentist takes a dental history, examines your teeth and gums, and x-trays your teeth. X –rays allow your Dentist to see the inside of your teeth and the surrounding bone. If left untreated, thr infection may even spread to your bone(abscess).


do i need it ?

Without Root Canal Treatment, infection will spread , bone around the tooth will degenerate and the tooth may fall out. Pain usually increases until one is forced to seek emergency dental attention. The Only alternative now is usually extraction of the tooth, which can cause surrounding teeth to shift and weaken . Though an extraction is cheaper , an implant or a bridge to replace the tooth can be more expensive than Root Canal Therapy. If you have a choice it is always advisable to keep your original teeth. However, there are limitations, and at time of root canal theray might not be possible. Allow your Dentist to decide.


happens after it ?

After the inside of your tooth has been treated, the outside will be restored to protect your tooth’s underlying structure and give your tooth a healthy appearance. After root canal therapy your tooth should function and feel like your other teeth. Take care of your treated tooth same way you would your other teeth. Brush and floss regularly.

It is advisable to visit your Dentist regularly for preventive checkups.

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